Get to know in detail what a drop shadow is and the different drop shadow services that each Industry depends on to get their Products and Services stand out.

Drop shadow simply means to make a shadow for the original photo thereby increasing its natural beauty. Mainly, the shadow is shown under the image or adjacent to it, depending on the lighting direction. Drop shadow is a type of clipping path photo shadow manipulation service that maintains the versatility of any product’s image.

In graphic design, drop shadow is more of a visual effect that appears just like the shadow of the object which gives a notion that the object is raised above the element behind it. Drop shadow is frequently used as elements of a graphical user interface and some simple text.

There are different types of Drop Shadow Services that any Business could deploy to to enhance their Products Images and stand out in the Market and below I will explain how each connects to the Value that we deliver

Drop Shadow

Drop Shadow is a very essential part of the Business for any Photography Agency, Online Store, etc. Drop Shadows bring in a different level of Beauty and uniqueness to Products Photos as you can see across big stores online like Amazon, EBay, Aliexpress and a host of other small online Stores. Just as a Shadow reflects is someone or a product is snapped in a lightly deemed room with a bit of light shining in from one direction, reflecting at the Product. This will make the Product look as though it is slightly floating with some visuals of faint glows. Online stores deploy Drop Shadow Services more than anyone else.

Natural or Original Shadow

Apart from Drop Shadow, there is a sister technique or Effect called the Natural Shadow. Just like I explained above, the Natural Shadow is a creative technique of adding a shadow on the Background of where the Product photo is placed as though the image has really casted a shadow on the Background. This can be achieved in any angle, either left or right depending where it is assumed that the imaginative shadow creating light is reflecting from. 

Cast or Existing Shadow

There are some Photos that comes naturally with a Drop Shadow effect from the shoot, most times this shadows have to be manipulated or the Background on which the Product is laying on has to be changed. At this point, you the original shadow effect has to be preserved while maintaining the same level of transparency and opacity else the main Photo and its aligning Shadows will look distorted. Sometimes the Natural shadows gets complex and is required to be taken away entirely while they are being replaced with a new Shadow recreation.

Reflection or Floating Shadows

The last but not the list amongst the list of our Drop Shadow effects and Services is the Reflection and Floating Shadows. This is for Photos that are not necessarily on a solid Background but rather something that seems to be floating like a Hole, a Bowl of Soup or a Swimming Pool. Most times this type of Service is required for Ecommerce Product photos, accompanied with a white background. Extreme care and cautiousness has to be taken when working with floating Photos, else they will look very unnatural and obvious if poorly designed

7 Reasons why you would need a Drop Shadow Service

Some People even in the Ecommerce space do not the reason why they should deploy the Services of a Drop Shadow or other types of Shadow Effects and Services. Highlighting them here will help some people see the essence and Value of these Services.

  1. When an Image that is suppose to have Texture and Depth is Flat, a Drop Shadow effect can be added to it to achieve a realistic view of such photo
  2. Some Product color mixes up with their Background thereby making it difficult for the Product to be seen properly. A practical example would be a white Wedding dress on a white background, to distinguish this and bring visibility to each Object, a Drop shadow service would be required
  3. Some Products don’t really look realistic and natural after a shoot; the application of a Shadow at certain areas of the image would give it the realistic look that it requires to look real.
  4. When you need to include a new background for the Product or Photo but still wants to retain the existing shadows that came when the photo was taken
  5. Product Photos at times would require context and characters and without Drop shadow, it becomes difficult to achieve this
  6. To Enlarge or Decrease the blur effect of a Natural Drop shadow Effect caused by a poorly shot photo would require Drop Shadow Service
  7. Positioning or Repositioning the Original Drop Shadow of a Photo
Photoshop Drop Shadow Service  

Photoshop has been dominating the Photo Editing and Manipulation niche for years now and many Clients would come requesting for a Photoshop Shadow Service for their Products.

In Photoshop, Drop Shadow is an effect that when used on a picture can give it a shadow, dropped at any angle of the virtual light rays which would give the image a new look. Photo drop shadow is very important; it is used as the shadow effect of an image, and also to make the photo beautiful. Most of the ecommerce products look beautiful because of the effect of drop shadows applied through Photoshop.

With Photoshop, one can apply a Drop shadow, Soft Shadow, Reflection or Floating Shadow as well as an Original or Natural Shadow. I have explained more about these different types of Shadows effect in detail below. These are the different type of shadow Services that can be applied to Photos and Products images.

It is essential to make your pictures real and interesting and when photo drop shadow is used, it seems as though the photo is floating on something and at times looks as if a duplicated photo is on top of the image.

A drop shadow service is important to develop your online business product if you have an online business that mostly deals with Pictures or Product Photos. If your product is displayed in a beautiful way, you can easily sell them but if it doesn’t look good enough, there is a possibility you won’t attract much potential buyers.

Drop shadows will optimize your business product and also improve the Click through rate on your website via the photo drop shadow effect.

At times a photo that has drop shadows applied to it can look so elegant that it attracts lots of customers. Due to its beauty, it can speak directly with a buyer and the buyer will be forced to buy the product.

Why should you use the photo drop-shadow Service?

Photo drop shadow service influences an advance picture to look imaginative and common. It can enhance your photos to have a new and true look. Drop shadow is an exceptionally attractive visual impact to photos, most especially Product Photos. It converts a counterfeit dark to shadow while it also makes a great impression on the subject that the shadow looks genuine.

Sometimes a drop shadow can be an impression of the picture and when it is not used, the item looks uncommon, non-proficient and ugly.

Photographers need this effect to make a profundity to their photographs as well as online businesses to demonstrate photos to the clients and draw them in.

When are photo drop shadow services needed?

Make use of photo drop shadow services often so that your images may not look too bizarre, ugly and non-proficient.

5 Places a Drop Shadow Service would be required
  1. Amazon Store owner would need a Drop Shadow Service for his or her Products Images
  2. An EBay Store Owner would need these Services too to keep their Product Images Colourful and attractive
  3. An Automobile Store Online will require the Services of a Designer that is well vested with Drop shadows
  4. A Drop Shadow Service would be required in a Magazine Company where these Effects will be used to beautify the Pictures they intend to use on their Magazines
  5. A Model Photographer needs this as he or she will deal with lots of Poorly shot Natural Drop shadows that needs to be adjusted properly
  6. A Beauty and Cosmetics Online Company would need this Service to create neat shadows on white background for their Products
3 Things to consider when choosing a Drop Shadow Service Company

When looking out for a Drop Shadow Service Company, look out for these things;

  1. That the Company have a strong knowledge in the subject matter
  2. That the Company have a past Job portfolio that can be shown to you
  3. Before going in all with thousands of your Products Photos and an Initial Deposit, let them do some few Samples first
  4. Finding Companies to handle this for you is just Google a way

There you have it, a complete guide on drop shadow services and how it works. All the information above will enable you to know and understand what drop shadow and drop shadow services are, why you need them and where you can get them.

Make use of it if you want your photos to look genuine and appealing. A good and beautiful photo is eye-catchy and will definitely draw clients to your product.