We want to take a look at Vectors, what it is, how it differs from other media types, where it is predominantly used and why people use them over other media formats. We will also talk about Vector Conversion Service. That is, converting an image from any other format to a vector format.

What is a Vector Image?

Just like every other type of mages out there that have their different formats, like JPG, PNG, and GIF to mention a few, a Vector Graphic is another type of image that has more depth than the other types of images. If an image is not of a Vector type, it is classified as a Raster Graphics.

How do you know if an image is Vector?

An image of the raster type would lose its solid and firm look when enlarged or zoomed in, whereas a Vector graphics would still retain its solid view and color.  Since Vector images are made up of points, curves, and lines based on some mathematical equations, they can scale to any size without losing clarity, as opposed to Raster Graphics that are made up of a certain designated amount of Pixels. When a raster graphics is zoomed beyond the level of its designated Pixels, it loses its clarity and becomes blurry.

Vector Conversion Service

Vector conversion service is all about re-drawing images in vector format. Vector graphics are mostly used for illustrations, logos, technical drawings, and engraving amongst other uses. It is also used for glass etching, wood carvings, enamel pins, metal stamping, and signage. Today, it has been predominantly used for screen printings, websites, and banners. Vector can also be used in 3D graphics, CAD and Engineering.

Files that can be converted to vector are

  • JPG Joint Photographic Experts group
  • GIF Compuserve
  • PNG Portable Network Graphics
  • PSD Adobe Photoshop
  • BMP Bitmap
  • TIF Tag Image File Format
  • PDF Portable Document Format
  • TGA Targa
  • XLS Microsoft Excel
  • PUB Publisher
  • PPT Microsoft PowerPoint
  • EPS Encapsulated Postscript
  • EMF Enhanced Metafile
  • PCT Macintosh PICT
  • CDR CorelDraw × 3
  • And much more

Files that can receive vectors are;

  • . ai Adobe Illustration
  • .svg Scalable Vector Graphics
  • .eps Encapsulated Postscript
  • .pdf Portable Document Format
  • .swf Macromedia Flash
  • .psPostcript
  • . wmf Windows Metafile
  • .cdr CorelDraw (100% vector no gradient)

Reasons for converting your images to vector

  1. Vector graphics are resolution independent and can be used in any resolution.
  2. Vector file can be enlarged to any size and not lose its quality
  3. Vector images can reduce the number of color plates to be printed this will reduce the printing costs.
  4. Vector arts are needed in any industry.

Difference between raster and vector

  1. Raster files are determined by a series of pixels while vector points are defined by a series of points that creates straight and curved paths.
  2. Raster files are smaller in size while vector can be resized without sacrificing quality.
  3. Common files of the raster are GIF, PNG, and JPEG while common files of Vector are EPS, DF, SVG, and AI.
  4. Vector files are great for printed materials like t-shirts, mugs, and business card while raster files are good for websites and online stores.

Converting Vector to raster

Vector files have more details and can easily be converted to raster files. You can convert vector flies to raster by using the Save As function to change to file type of the photo.


Different Vector Conversion Services

Converting from Raster to Vector

Using software like Adobe Illustrator, a raster graphics can be converted to Vector. In short form, we call this R2V. This is mostly used in the conversion of Artworks and Logos. Examples of areas that this applies to are; Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architectural 2D Drawings from AutoCAD and 3D vector drawings. Things like Product Photos, Mobile Phones, and T-Shirts falls into this category.

Drawing Line and Artwork Designs with Vector

A custom Illustration that looks like a hand-drawn sketch or Picture is one of the things that can be achieved with Vector graphics.

Logo Design with Vector Graphics

It is Okay to design your logo with any raster Graphics format. But doing it with Vector is a greater option to consider. When your Image is either converted from raster to vector, you have a use it anywhere logo. Your vector logo can be used on T-shirts, Advert Banners, magazines and any place on your website. Without considering the size, this Vector image will expand and fit in the position without losing any clarity

Character Drawing with vector for Animation

To design an Animation Movie, Characters are required. These Character Artworks can be done with raster though but the quality and tendency of losing latency are high.  When these characters are done with Vectors, you won’t have any issue on the size and scalability. It can be used on a small screen, scene or used as an artwork on the Animation, it will scale in well and still look sharp.

Product Photo to vector

Some Companies goes as far as possible to attend the right height of perfection. If you Product Images are going to be used in different places and platforms, then consider a conversion to vector. A Vector Product Photo as you may have known can be used in anywhere irrespective of the size differences. But a raster image will need different versions of that same image, based on the location and size.

Vector 2D CAD Designs

2D CAD Designs are mostly required and used by Entrepreneurs, Architects, Product Designers, and Line Artists. These Drawings are best done in Vectors rather than raster. But in a case that it was already done in any raster format, it could be converted to Vector professionally.

Line Drawing to 3D Vector Art

From line drawings, a perfect 3D Artwork can be derived with the help of a professional graphics design expert. If you have a line drawing and want to convert this to a 3D artwork, you will need to get it out in a Vector format.

Product Modelling in 3D with Vector

Product Designers and Modellers have relied on 3D vectors to deliver a linear design. With the help of this graphic type, the images are going to look realistic. Most times these are used to visualize, promote and present how a Product would look like when it is designed.

There are different types of vectors and the conversion cost from one vector type to the other depends on the type and it’s resulting output.

Types of Vectors

  1. Silhouette Vector Graphics: This is a type of vector graphics that has an edge on a 3D surface, projected onto a 2D plane. The Silhouette vector graphics is essentially the cheapest and cost around $3 to $5 per each image.
  2. Threshold Vector Graphics: In threshold, the Vector outline shows a real projected white and Bl

black surfacing between $6 to $10.

  1. Basic Outline Vector Graphics: As the name implies, this is just a basic vector with outlines of a certain color. The inner spaces are left empty which projects the Object and makes it look real. Be looking around $14 to $16.
  2. Complex Outline Vector graphics: The Complex Outlines takes more detailing into outlining the two sides. Both the inner and outer outlines are projected and rendered. The Complex Outline Vector cost around $15 t0 $21 to shade.
  3. Basic Shades vector graphics: This type of Vector graphics displays more as shading. But still adapting from the basic outline structure, their inner spaces are left blank. Only the Outlines are being projected. This is done within $26 to around $30 per image conversion.
  4. Complex Shades vector Graphics: The Complex shade goes deeper giving the image a more realistic look and feel as opposed to the basic shades. This cost within $45 to $50 depending on the Company in question.
  5. Colour Filled Vector: As the name denotes, this type of vector File gets colors in different areas. This makes it look like a real picture that was taken via a Camera. Though with some unrealistic feel. This cost around $40 to $50 to make.
  6. High Fidelity Vector Graphics: This is the highest of them all. When an image is done as a high Fidelity Vector graphics, you find it difficult to differentiate the look and feel from the original picture. This cost around $59 to $60 to convert.

At this point, I believe that you now know what a Vector Graphics is, and of course a clear understanding of how to go about using them for your Business and Services.

There are lots of companies out there who offer these services at a considerable price than what we have listed.

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Like I always advise, ask for samples and previous works before committing to any company. Some designers might still be in the learning process, they might end up delivering an unprofessional work for you.