Do you want to make your photos better? Have you heard of image masking? I will discuss image masking and the various Image masking services. You could use image masking services to create stunning Product Images for your Online Store, Magazines, and Photography works.

Image Masking is the processing of the primary image, which can be done through the removal of background from a photograph that has hair and fur or blurred edges. When an image has been a mask, it merely means that the image pixel intensity’s value is zero as the background value usually is zero.

Although masking an image is not as easy as it seems. Image masking is both arduous and time-consuming, but the difficulty of an image masking depends on the type of photo to you want to mask.

Due to the emergence of e-commerce and the rapid adoption and transition from traditional brick and Mortar stores to Online Stores, Masking Services have become so popular. The demand for Product photos design and enhancement has increased rapidly over the years. Amongst all these Services, Image Masking has been one of the most dominating Graphics Design Service as it carters for a large proportion of Audience.


Different Types of Image Masking Service

Image Masking has different subsets and areas, and each region can are used to deal with varying issues of masking. Below are the categories of image masking techniques that have been used by many to achieve a great result on the Client’s Photo and Product Images.

7 Image Masking Techniques

  1. Layer Masking
  2. Alpha Channel Masking
  3. Fur and Hair masking
  4. Refine edge masking
  5. Transparent object masking
  6. Translucent object masking
  7. Color Masking

Layer Masking

Layer Masks are one of the essential Tools in Image Editing and Manipulation. Layer masking helps one to be able to selectively manipulate or modify the transparency (Opacity) of the particular layer that they belong to layer masking. Layer masking enables you to use as many layers as you want or assist you in hiding layers. Some people have different names for layer masking; some refer to it as either a Frisket, hi-con or a matte. When an image layer is hidden, then the masks are black, but if the image is allowed to show its layers, then the pixel is white.

Three Types of Layer masking

  1. Vector layer masks
  2. Key-based layer masks
  3. Drawn layer masks

Alpha Channel Masking

The Alpha channel masking is an image separating technique just like the layer masking but different because it is lighter and makes the downloading or uploading process very flexible.

When the background saved an image extracted, the Alpha channel allows the designers to have a scope for contrast, editing, saturation, brightness, and many more.

The Alpha channel masking displays images in pixel-based. And the shapes of the pictures other than the colour of the picture.

Fur and Hair masking

The fur and hair masking is very complex, and about the most tedious type of Masking Service, there is. This Adobe Photoshop type of masking techniques is excellent if you want to achieve the best image extraction like the fur and the hair from its background. When masking for models, you will have to use the very advanced fur and hair masking techniques. If you have got else, you risk delivering an unrealistic photo work.

Refine edge masking

The refine edge masking is one of the most powerful tools in Adobe Photoshop. Refine edge masking assists in improving your initial selection, especially when you are dealing with a lot of intricate edges. With different Refine edge tools such as; Adjust edge and edge detection, you will be creating a natural selection which will be much easier.

Transparent object masking

The Transparent Object Masking technique is required and deployed when there is a need for the Object on a background to be removed and placed on another experience. So at this point, it is not about removing the background. But rather about removing the Object is such a way that it stays perfect and inline could be used on another ground or surface. It could deploy on a Product or Person’s Image where the background isn’t required. The transparent Object Masking helps you in selecting the Object from the entire image distraction in perfect form and then place it on either a white, transparent or full background

Translucent object masking

The Photo editing and Manipulation niche are extensive, with a tool and technique for every work. When dealing with anything Glass like a Glass Cup, Glass Jewelry, you would need a regular Standard Glass effect to make your photos look real. That’s where the translucent Masking technique comes into play. In a lay man’s understanding, the Translucent Masking is used to Mask Glass Objects or Photos. The different Translucent Tools will allow one to get behind Translucent Objects to mask backgrounds that aren’t required.

Colour Masking

The last of the Masking Family techniques is the Color Masking. Which is one of the new Features introduced in Photoshop and Lightroom to give Designer more flexibility in their Masking endeavours?

Color Masking this time around with color, not Fur nor Layers. Color masking allows you to coordinate the masking of gradients and their Adjustments based on the color ranges that are available on the image. Color Masking gives the photo a perfect color blend concerning all other objects, background, and distraction within and around it.

Who requires Image Masking Service?

  1. Amazon Sellers selling Teddy Bears: If you are selling Teddy Bears on your Online Store you would need a Masking Service. Amazon or eBay Seller who are selling Teddy Bears, they hire Masking Service experts for their teddy Product Photos. After your Product Photos are Taken, most times, you will need to remove, change, or duplicate the background. These teddies have a lot of furies that needs to be removed from the background while the work is being carried out. For this reason where the Fur Masking Service would be required.
  2. Photographer working with Models: Most Models have a lot of long and curly hairs. During the process of refining these Photos so they could place on the Magazines, the Fury and hair Masking Service would be required too.
  3. Fashion Magazines: Fashion Magazines will most likely deal with lots of Celebrity Dogs, Cats, Hairs, etc. and all the Fury kinds of stuff. Most of the time, those Pets require to be Selected from one Image to mask on another just to put all things in perspective.
  4. Realtors: Real Estates and Properties could be significant when they are a photographer taking the photo. Which will make it difficult to merge and mask the color of the environment, the Skies, and maybe the Pool. With the help of Color Masking, all Gradients and Brush patterns could be selected and masked easily.
  5. Photo Studio: Photo Studios deal with a lot of People’s Photos and as such requires Masking Services to edit Human Hairs, remove unwanted background, and replace white Background image.
  6. Online Shops: Every online shop, irrespective of what they sell would not be able to capture the attention of their prospect with a Dim and Dull Product image. If their Product Image is Dull, the Customer would assume that the real Product will be just as the picture is. So at this point, what Impression would you preferably present? I guess a tremendous Bright, Colorful and Attractive Product which will attract the Customers on first sight.
  7. Jewelry & Glass-Made Product Sellers: Translucent Masking Service can Portray your Product. If you are Jewelry or selling a glass-made Product like Glass Mugs, Bottles, or anything related to Glass, you would require the Translucent Masking Service.
  8. Advertising Agency: An Advertising Company or Agency would have to deal with lots of images and Product Photos to Design their campaign Image and Banners. Using the right Masking Service could make the difference from a realistic and Captivating Advert Banner and a Poor one
  9. Online Weavon and Hair Stores: Stores that sell all sort of Hairs online have lots of competitor in the market. They cannot win the Market position without having great photos with an excellent background. The right Shadows and their furs and strands neatly presented as they are in real life. After taking the Photos of their Product, their next course of action would be to hire image masking service experts. Hire a Company that would work on their Product image, applying all the necessary masking Services required to make the Pictures look great.

How much does it cost to mask an Image?

The prices vary from one company to the other. The more photo, the lesser the costs per image, Some Companies charge as low as $0.50 photo when you are masking up to 1,000 Photos. Some Companies charges $1.50 per image

If you intend to get cheap masking service of any kind then freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and Designers Central would be a better option to consider.

In summary, we have been able to portray to you the meaning, importance, and essence of an Image Masking Service.

Apart from the different areas and Niche that these Services could be required, I believe that there are other areas and Professions that would also require these Services.