Photo restoration services are the application of techniques and toolsused in the retouching of damaged photos, thereby making them moreappealing. These services can also be used to remove scratches fromphotographs. A decayedpicture due to water spillage or other factors,this service can also be used to repair it.

Photo restoration is giving us a solution for our torn, destroyed, anddevastated pictures. The application of photo restoration on yourphotos will help in transforming it into a new beautiful photograph.


Categories Photo Restoration Services we offer:

Vintage or Black & White Photo Restoration

When it comes to this type of photography technique editing, we edit your photos and restored to black and white features. These features also make the photographs look classic in a beautiful way.

With vintage restoration, your photos can be restored and preserved. Family and Vintage photographs are prone to acidity, stains, brittleness, and tears. Our photo restoration service, which includes removal of tapes, surface cleaning, and old repairs, will restore your image’s glory. Our professionals and experts can help reset your deteriorated and damaged photographs to a clean copy. You’ll be amazed at the result when we finish working on your photo.

If you want to restore the colored photos into black and white, then use our vintage, black, and white restoration service.

We offer the following  Vintage Photographs;

  1. Holiday Photoshoot
  2. Baby Photos
  3. Wedding Photos
  4. Wedding Anniversary Photos
  5. Child Naming Photos
  6. Burial Photos

Damaged Photo Restoration

Clipping Xpert India team of professionals used programs like RawTherapee, Adobe Fireworks, and Photoshop to restore corrupted photos. The service is also applicable to photos with severe damages and dents.

We can restore any photo that has been damaged and lost its original looks with this type of photo restoration editing technique. This service takes time, and it is a bit expensive with outstanding features of bringing the past to the future.

Some of the reasons why photos get damaged;

  1. Water spillage
  2. Harsh weather condition
  3. Cold weather that creates dew
  4. Wear and tears

Black And White Photo Colorize

It is one of the best ways of making a photograph looks grayscale or wearing an intended color on the photo. Our photo editor experts make use of black and white images to put color on them. It is also possible to convert this back to black and white.

Photo colorization could be very accurate if done by a professional. At clipping Xpert India, we have experts specialized in the tactics and techniques of colorization. The technical application is pretty straightforward, as you ought to paint the layers within the lines.

At times because some people don’t want to spend any money opt-in for an online colorization tool to help convert their photos from one color to the other. The drawbacks with these tools are their rate and level of accuracy. Because nothing of good quality ever comes free.

Photos you might want to colorize are;

  1. Colored images to grayscale
  2. Grayscale to colored photos

Photo Color Restoration

With the help of photo restoration service, a dull photo can be brought back to life effortlessly with a stunning look. Skilled photo editors like the ones we have at clipping Xpert India are right in this regards. They can also use Photoshop to make a photo look lazy; that way, they can create a different photo appeal.

Old photos taken long ago can be repaired and colorized. It is a common thing for old pictures to begin to fade away with time. When this happens, the photo wears an unappealing yellow line while losing its vibrancy. Restoring a faded photo is not 100% assured. If the damage is much, the restoration will become difficult.

We have a professional Photo restoration specialist that can do justice to your old photos. Some people might be thinking, why do I have to pay for photo restoration service when there are several software and apps online that promises to achieve this. Of course, you may genuinely find some online apps posing to help you achieve this at no cost, but the challenge is always with their accuracy because these are a bunch of lines of codes known as an algorithm with a mix of artificial intelligence (AI). You won’t expect apps to deliver a perfect restoration service compared to what our Specialist would do for you manually.

The benefits of Photo Restoration on your Photos

Genealogical Benefits:

Photo restoration has historical benefits, as it can be used to build a family tree. We need to carefully handle the kind of ink and paper used in restoring old photo like this should be correctly managed. We use our expert procedure should in this historical and notable photograph.

By Removing folds, Tears, Scratches, and Fading, Old photos tend to change over time, but with a professional photo restoration technique, damage photos can be clean and all negative removed. Photo restoration shouldn’t be done by a neophyte so as not to ruin the original copies.

Ease of Sharing and Electronic Storage

We can convert old images to digital images during restoring, which we can share with our loved ones.

Preservation of Original Copy

When we restored old photos, it helps preserve the original images.

Adding Of Color to Black And White Photographs

When we restored photos, it is easy to add color to the old black and white photo. With our professionals specialized in restoration and editing techniques, the picture will be made more explicit, real, and defined.

Our Photo Restoration Service Price

  • Minor Photo Restoration

In the small photo, restoration deals with the removing of minor flaws such as tears, wrinkles, little scratches, slight blurring repairs. The price ranges from $20 to $50, and the harm is truly undetectable.

  • Mid Photo Restoration

The Mid photo restoration is all about repairing and upgrading the blurring, shading, and staining. Some part missing in the photos will be corrected, not on the person but edges or around the picture.

We will do a face repair if the harm is unserious. So, if your picture damage is not severe, then this package will be the best to consider. For this service, we charged between  $50 to $100.

Substantial Photo Restoration

Here is considerable photo restoration whereby we reconstruct the missing pieces of the photo. Repair is done to remove tears, scratches, and imperfections. The substantial photo restoration repairs shade confrontation and photo upgrade. This package is for you if your photo has complex damage. The price ranges from $100 to $200.

Extreme Photo Restoration

This package is for severe photo restoration repairs from supplanting foundation missing regions, staining, and photos remove parts missing, repairs imperfection or scratches and confrontation photo repairs.


Questions and Answers

What Is The Work Of Photo Restoration?

We can also call this photo repairing or photo reconstruction. It is an essential aspect of photo editing to restore a damaged photo either by water, physically or fire to its original piece. The process of restoring a damaged photo is called photo restoration.

Why Do We Need Photo Restoration Services?

The photo restoration service is significant. It doesn’t only revive an old photograph but also preserve the beautiful memories we had with family and friends. This service helps keep a photo that can be shown to the generations to come. You can also see it from the angle of history; photo restoration helps in bringing back our forgotten past.

Photo restoration is also done to reduce time, money, and stress of re-taking another photograph altogether, which of course is only possible if we still have access to the people we took the photo together.

Can you offer me value for my money?

In our company, we value our esteem customers. And we entirely understand that relationship in business is only possible by meeting your customers’ expectations. At Clipping Xpert India, we don’t only promise to meet your expectations, but we can assure you of surpassing your expectations

What are the areas that this service can be applied?

The photo restoration service can be used not only on old photos but also help in fixing digital photos issues.

If you have stained, faded or any damaged photo, with photo restoration service it can be brought back to its original piece. So do not discard your old photo just because it looks dull, clipping Xpert India team of experts are skilled photo editors that can reconstruct a damaged picture into a masterpiece.

Any of our Photo restoration program you end up using will deliver to you an impressive result, as we use our professionalism to help keep your old memories from the state of oblivion.

Don’t wait any longer. Consult us today and let us give your photo a new look. We are always available to attend to you. You may also contact us for our work samples.