For your photos to look perfect and free from flaws and blemish, you need to enhance those photos. Deploying the service of a Professional Photographer to apply photo enhancement services to your photos is a great thing to do.

If you are not happy with how your images turned out after shooting, don’t bother much as image enhancement services will do the magic. Before we get to know how to use this service to enhance your photographs, let’s see what it is.

What is Photo Enhancement?

This could be referred to as the process of adjusting, correcting, and brushing up images for perfection. As against the original version and state it was when taken. An image enhancement service gives your pictures that are not in shape a stunning new look and feel.

After some enhancement work on your photos, you will hardly believe that you are the one on the Picture. In a nutshell, Photo enhancement gives your ordinary images an extraordinary look.

With image enhancement services, you can adjust, saturates, remove background, add brightness, and filters to images. Furthermore, you can remove blemishes, and grains in images, be it a vector or raster.

Categories of People that Photo Enhancement Services for

The aim of enhancing a photo is to provide exceptional and quality photos to all individuals and businesses alike. 

Photo enhancements have been used by small business owners, photographers, magazine editor, and photo editors. In the areas of Business and Entrepreneurship more particularly, it has been deployed in the e-commerce sector by business owners and Agencies.  

Photo enhancement deals with all photo file formats such as raw photos from camera and compressed formats such as GIF, JPG, PNG, and TIFF.

Photo Enhancement services include

Colour Correction

Colour Correction or Colour grading is the same things that are most times used interchangeably. It is the process of correcting the amount of hue and color saturation of an image. 

If an image has way too many colors, it will lead the image to look too sharp. If your images are not bright enough, having nasty tint or the color palette didn’t capture the right mood, you need to enhance the photo. 

There are post and pre-color correction, but the former is what we are talking about here.

Facial Retouching

As the name implies, facial retouching deals with the face. The face is very peculiar and unique, having its own curves, structure, and flaws. If a model is taken a shot with Pimples or any other blemishes on her face, a simple enhancement can deal with this. 

No need of taking another shot, trying to get a perfect shot without the blemishes. With the help of skilful Professionals, a simple photo retouching can improve the quality of your images by cleaning up dust and blemishes; improve skin tone, and much more. 

Black and White to Colour/ Duotones/ Tritones

There are people who still have this type of Photos. They bring back old memories. Most of the pictures in question were either taken long ago or were taken in black and white color.

 Sometimes we want these images converted to a colorful one. With the help of the color conversion service, which is part of the Photo enhancement service, images like this can be converted to a colorful one as though they were taken in color.

With this service, your boring and unattractive colorless photos will turn into a noticeable and attractive work of art.

Photo Background enhancement

One of the reasons why someone will want his or her background picture to be removed is because they are not too cool. 

What if this background could be enhanced instead of removing it entirely? This is exactly what a background enhancement service could do to your images. This background could be dull, distracting, or distorted. 

The work of a professional Photo enhancer will be to help brighten your background, add depth-of-field and if possible, replace it with a photo of your choice. 

Image Cleaning

The name already speaks for itself as it tells you clearly that its own job is to clean up the images. But what type of cleaning are we talking about here? Photos often oftentimes come out exactly the way a Photographer had intended for it to come out. 

At this point, the image could be looking dull, blurry, or looks dark. With the help of a cleaning Service in Photoshop or other photo cleaning software, this image can be cleaned and restored to look great. 

Some Colour Cleaning Areas are:

Spotting: Identifying and cleaning basic spotting issues that escaped the camera. When the spot is correctly cleaned, the images will look great and spotless.

Colour Aberration: If the Colour of the image is not looking bright, a tonal adjustment is required. It could be a color cast, purple tint, color spill, or fringing. Once the right touches are applied, these issues will all clear off, thereby giving the photo a natural look.

Brightening: When whiteness is used wrongly, or the brightness of an image is skewed, the image tends to look dull and dusty. With an intuitive understanding, these issues are being addressed to restore the image’s stunning looks with just a few touches. 

Red Eye Removal: The red Eye is a common effect on images that carries the eye. With the help of the specialized red Eye Tool on Photoshop, this effect can be removed, restoring the image to its original state.

Chromatic Aberration: When it comes to color distortion restoration in photo edges, Photoshop magic can do the job with perfection. There comes a time when there is a need for a chromatic aberration to be set right. This can be handled and positioned right with multitudes of longitudinal chromatic and transverse mistakes

Noise Reduction and Noise Elimination: Sometimes your photo can have noise in them which distorts the view. Several factors can cause this. Identifying the factor and putting this right is what a professional can take care of. 

Filtering and reducing the noise completely will enhance the look of your photo.

Do you have blur, low-quality images? Get a professional designer to clean your personal and professional images by using several tools and techniques. 

Ghost Mannequin effects

To give clothing Product Photo a real-life look, a ghost mannequin effect is required. Instead of deploying the services of a model which will cost more, a ghost mannequin effect will do the job. 

With different techniques and tools, garment items like shirts, swimsuit, cardigan, and hats are enhanced. This can also come with a 3D effect. 

Photoshop Shadow Effects

Some products naturally look unattractive and unusual without shadow. This service can improve the quality of your images by adding shadow-like reflection shadow, drop shadow, and natural shadow. This and all other techniques are ways that an ordinary image could be enhanced and given a new astonishing look and feel.

Photo restoration and enhancement 

Do you want to recover your old photos? Or want to restore damaged photos? Our photo restoration service edits, fix problems and give your damaged photos a brand new look. 

Some Images are old, faded and squeezed a couple of times over, while some images have been blurred by water. This makes them lose their color and clarity. With the help of an image restoration service, these images can be restored to look clean, clear, and sharp. 

Ecommerce product photo enhancement

Photo enhancement service edits e-commerce products and makes it appear more stunning and appealing. There is a combination of techniques and services that can be used on photo products to enhance and clean them. From glassy products down to hairy products which require advanced masking techniques to get things right.

Real estate image enhancement

Get the best out of your real estate photos with this service. Enhance your real estate images for commercial purpose. The pictures of the properties have to look sharp and attractive, most especially the painting on the Walls. If these areas are enhanced, the property will look more stunning, attractive, and inviting. 

Wedding photo enhancement

Wedding photographers also make use of this service to give their clients the perfect wedding photos. 

Digital Photograph Enhancement brings out the best in your Photos. Photo enhancement services are essential and crucial as another aspect of your business. 

There is no need for you to present ordinary and flawed images to clients or audiences. It’s important to make your images appealing, especially if it is used for presentations at work, selling of products, advertisement, and also to impress friends. 

With photo enhancement services, all your photos will look extremely beautiful. 

With photo enhanced images you can; 

– Gain audiences and sell your products online

– Advertise your product and get clients

– Show off to friends and family

– Impress your boss with an appealing project photo during presentations

With our photo enhancement services, you can get the best out of your photos. At Clipping Xpert India, we have experts that will help change your image look by removing unwanted backgrounds, add colors, etc. 

We know and have the experience needed for all your work, and we deliver the best results.