Photo blending services from Clipping Xpert India is the best photo blending service you can ever get because our services stand out among our contemporaries in the editing industry. As experts in the photo editing industry, we blend photos with high-quality editing tools and techniques and brings out the best of quality photos in less time.

We’ve been providing this service and other services for decades to our clients all over the world, and our clients are always glad to outsource their photo blending services to us. We also have a well-trained and experienced team of photo editors who can blend exposure bracketed photos into an image. Reach to us and let us provide you with professional photo bleeding services at an affordable price.

The Photo Blending Service We Offer

Landscape photographers, at times, take different photos of a particular location, under various exposure values. These photos are sent to photo blending professionals like us to get a better result. Here at Clipping Xpert India, our team is vast in both the manual and automated photo blending, and they are also skillful in  Enblend, Enfuse, and other tools. You can access the following photo blending services in our company;

Colour Exposure Correction

At time coming up with the right color could be very challenging to photographers but when you outsource your photo blending to us, we carefully ensure that the color balance is modified, and neutral colors are blended meticulously to improve on the richness of the blended photo.

Perspective Correction

In the real estate industry, photos need correction of vertical edges of lampposts, walls, and columns, and also different other vertical structures. Clipping Xpert India provides perspective correction which enables realtors to achieve a better quality image.  We make sure we managed every flaw like chromatic aberration, geometric, and vignetting distortion.

Focus Blending

The service is utilized by landscape photographers while taking a close-up photo to capture several numbers of images. For instance, if you’re trying to capture a living thing, such as an animal, many of the photographers will prefer to catch numerous images to collate and blend later. It allows them to have a good list of images where the subject’s photo comes refined in one or most of the picture. Our team of professionals can blend the parts of the image using Photoshop and other tools to produce an appealing view.

Photo Bracketing

Photo bracketing is also one of the photo blending services we offered at Clipping Xpert IndiaImages with proper exposure come out of merging different pictures of a similar scene with a different flash exposure, values, and white balance. The service will enhance the contrast and texture of your photos.

Mask Blending

Mask blending is a method used by our expert photo editors with the aid of Adobe Photoshop or any other HDR tools to blend your images manually.

The Photo Blending Process We offer

Clipping Xpert India image blending service is affordable and straightforward. We carried out our photo blending services with maximum transparency to allow you to understand the process undergo in each stage. We implement our image blending services in the following ways;

  • Photo Sourcing

Upload your raw photo files from SFTP or VPN platform. We will download the photos from our end. 

  • groundwork and Coordination

Our project manager will link up with you and finalize the service level arrangement, which is inclusive of the delivery time and editing requirement.

  • Photo Blending Services

Our experts also maximize the usage of world-class photo editing software plus licensed and proprietary software to carry out jobs.

  • Quality Checks

Before the final delivery, we ensure that quality assessment check is carried out to ensure the standard of our service is in uniform with our customers’ expectations and to also see to it that we don’t in any way disappoint your expectation.

  • Photo Delivery

The files are delivery done through a secure platform which is accessible as a direct link. You can also upload the data on the cloud platform for easy downloads.

Industries that need our services

Our professional team works on image blending by dismantling the parts of an image and using appropriate Photoshop tools like masking, auto-blending, focusing, etc. to blend and create striking and more explicit photos.  The industries that need our services are;

  • Jewelry Industry
  • Online Electronic Stores
  • Online Automobile Stores
  • Online Apparels Stores
  • Fashion Industry
  • Individuals
  • Portrait Studios
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Publishing Companies
  • Online Sports Accessories
The Image Blending Software We Use

We have well-trained digital artists who are experts in Adobe Photoshop CS6 to give top-notch photo blending to different people globally. For manual photo blending work, we make use of Photoshop and provide our clients with extraordinary attractive images. By outsourcing your photo blending services to us, be assured of top-notch services.

Reasons for outsourcing Image Blending Services to Clipping Xpert India

Clipping Xpert is the best choice for photo blending services by lots of people because we got the technology, resources, and lots more, to give the changes you prefer in your photos. We got skills and can deliver your work on time. Below are the reasons you should consider getting your photo blending services from us;

  1. We are a certified image blending service providing company

The image blending services offered by Clipping Xpert India is the best choice for your photo editing requirements because we know that perfection brings satisfaction.

  1. We give you top quality

We provide you with top-notch blended photos that have high transparency in shadows and highlights.

  1. Your Security is guaranteed

The safety of photo files sent by you to our Cloud storage infrastructure is ensured. We offer maximum protection for your data from several external security risks.

  1. We have a Cost-effective pricing system

Here at Clipping Xpert India, we have a flexible pricing system that makes sure all our clients pay for what they want. We provide unique, cost-effective solutions depending on the volume, processing time, duration, scope of services, and much more. Our service charge can be customized depending on your project requirements.

  1. We deliver on time

We ensure that we have the necessary tools which we will use to complete your project and without wasting your precious time.

  1. Our team of image blending experts comprises of well experience people.

We have a team of passionate photo editing professionals who have serviced thousands of clients worldwide. We deliver the best quality photo blending service, which satisfies our clients and makes them work with us again and again.

  1. You can contact us at any time

Our customer relation officer will work with you to make sure we attend to all your questions and concerns.  Also, our customer care representative responds to emails and calls immediately and can resolve any issue at once.

  1. We have stringent quality systems

Our strict quality systems monitor your project quality at every stage to ensure that the photos are blended perfectly.

Our other services you can benefit from include;
  • Airbrushing Services
  • Image Restoration Services
  • Automobile Photo Editing Services
  • Real Estate Image Editing Services
  • New Born Baby Photo Editing Services
  • Clipping Path Services
  • Image Background Removal Services
  • And many more

Photo blending services from us is arguably one of the best in the world. Our expert photo editors ensure you get to quality blended images in less time.

Question and Answer Session

Why do people need Photo blending services?

Most photographers still use light-sensitive cameras which can cause some parts of images to be over or underexposed. To rectify this, people seek the help of photo blending services.

What are the types of image blending services we provide?
  • Real Estate image blending services
  • Product photo blending services
  • Stock image blending services
  • Wedding HDR image blending services
  • Jewelry photo blending services
  • Fashion photo blending services
  • And many more
What is the essence of service?

Our service primary purpose is to provide high quality blended images for photographers, e-commerce site owners, publishing companies, Graphic designers, Graphic industries, and many more.

Is our service reliable?

Of course, our services are reliable. Our photo editors make sure all your project is completed at the given time.

But what kind of photos do I need for my company?

Not worth any image. Establish and analyze your needs, look for your photographic style. Not without first setting your goals. It is not the same to develop a visual content plan for the articles of an online store than for a catalog, a brochure, a magazine. In this case, we need product photography.

However, if you need to convey the philosophy of your company, we need photos within an audiovisual space with the equipment, facilities, or ‘resource photos’ to contextualize the work you carry out.

Do you still think any company can handle your image blending?

If you want to boost your business, trust professionals who know how to blend different images to convey what you need through photography. Optimize your resources and get results.