Images of babies come with natural beauty, but when they pass through the hand of professional editors, they become more appealing to the eye. Newborn photo editing is an effortless task that usually needs special skills to get high-quality photos that reflect the cuteness of a newborn.  

A photographer requires a high level of creativity for editing newborn photos. To bring out the best result with the aid of any photo editing software, the person in question must be an expert.  

In the world of today, parents want to edit the photos of their newborn to preserve these memories. The reason they seek help from professional image editing companies offering newborn photography editing services. 

Our company, Clipping Xpert India, provides a complete range of photo editing and retouching services. Including but not limited to, retouching, restoration, and manipulation of newborn pictures. We have professional photo editors who use the latest photo editing software, tools, and techniques. It aids them in creating perfect images depending on what the client wants. 

With the proper administration of different photo enhancement techniques, we ensure to edit photos in the best way possible. It helps to eliminate various flaws while improving the quality of the newborn photo. 24/7 support and friendly customer service with fastest turnaround time.

Reasons for editing newborn baby photos

Writing newborn images can be challenging. Since it involves various manipulation techniques before the desired effect is gotten. It is impossible to create a stunning picture of a baby. If you don’t have a deep and clear understanding of different photos and software editing tools. 

By utilizing our newborn photo editing and photo retouching services, you’ll have easy access to expert and qualified editors in the industry. They can help remove flaws and achieve top-notch photos of your newborn baby in less time. 

We pay deep attention to details and perform the required alterations to meet the desired specifications of a client. At the same time, we are improving the look and feel of the photo. 

Outsource your newborn baby image editing service to us

Most companies and parents outsource newborn baby photo editing and baby photo retouching services to us. It is because we ensure high-quality editing. We have experts that maintain the tenderness and aesthetic value of photos most notably for a newborn. 

Our professional editors edit images the way you want it. We have been editing newborn photos of baby for years. Retaining the quality of every picture, we edit and customize pictures according to our client’s needs. 

Different New Born Baby Photo Editing Services

When dealing with New Born photos, all photos are not the same. An Indian newborn would have different correction requirements from an American newborn. Hence, the need for categorization of the needs for each newborn’s phot

Basic Newborn Photo Editing

When a newborn’s photo is already cool but requires a few touching, we classify it as being primary. The application includes Colour correction and Skin retouching.

Advanced Newborn Image Editing

It goes way beyond the basics. At this point, the baby’s photo requires much more like color correction and skin retouching. But not limited to skin tone fixing and skin smoothening. 

Newborn Family Photo Editing

In this case, we are not just focusing on the infant but the entire family, though with the newborn as the primary focus. It is a group photo that might include the parents of the newborn too. In a much more complex combination like this, we would require techniques and applications like;

•  Colour correction

•  Skin color changing

•  High-end skin retouching

•  Background enhancement 

•  Skin Smoothening

•  Dodge and Burn

Our Services Include:

Baby Eyes and Face Retouching Services

The flashlight of a camera can in some cases result in the charming babies sporting unsettling red eyes. But that’s not a big issue when you engage our service. We will help you to eliminate them and also enlarge eyes and brighten the eye portions. We do in our company by using various Photoshop filters that will brighten up your baby’s eye and make it more colorful than you can ever imagine.

Background Enhancement Services

Are your baby’s photo’s backgrounds not appealing to you? Are the backgrounds too dark and uninspiring? Never worry. That is why we are here for you. Our professional post production photo editors will take care of it. We add depth-of-field, sharpen background, and make color corrections. We can even change the entire background if need be.

 Skin Retouching

Our expert editors help to boost the quality of your newborn baby’s photo by making it look clean and unimpaired. You can trust us with the following skin retouching services:

–  Scars or blemishes removal

–  Skin smoothening

–  Colour enhancement

To ensure more glowing and radiant skin, our experts employed the usage of a frequency separation technique. It removes spotty skin.

Hair Retouching

We also remove the baby’s hair zone to give a perfect look. We make use of various photo masking or image masking methods to get rid of hair. That way, we trim out hair zones without affecting the composition of the images negatively.

Colour Correction

Colour speaks a volume about a photo. Our team of expert photo editors will help in adjusting shadows, tones, white balance, and many more. Through our dedicated techniques and tools, we correct every glaring photo errors related to contrast and exposure correction, clarity, and sharpness. We also apply balancing and adjustment of temperature and tweak the vibrancy settings.

Object removal

If you want the newborn baby to be the main focus of the image. If you don’t want toys or other props to draw away the attention from the baby, we will take away any accessories on the background by making use of some advanced strokes of Photoshop’s healing brush tools.

Baby portrait editing

Photographing newborn babies needs a lot of patience. And some photographers might use distorted backgrounds, or the photo might have been messed up, etc. We help in correcting such a situation.

Newborn baby skin smoothening. 

Newborn baby’s skins are compassionate and gentle with visible red, patchy, and flaky signs. We remove these issues and retain the soft, lush texture of the baby’s original skin.

For babies with bluish or reddish skin, we add color to their cheeks and lips. Newborn babies usually have wrinkle skin. We will also remove or reduce the wrinkles on the surface.

Baby products background removal

Is your company an e-commerce company committed to baby product sales? Then you need captivating baby pictures in different forms and age. You can trust us to help you in creating that magnificent photo for your brand or store.

Our newborn baby photo editing services pricing

Our services prices include $5 to $10 per image.

$5 being pro level

$10 being high-end level

And extra level, which can go as high as $100.

With as low as $5 you get services like

–  Crop image

–  Colour correction

–  Small undesired objects removal

–  Skin color/tone changing

–  Solid background extending

–  Basic editing i.e., eyes, nose, cheeks, ears, etc.


With $10, you get services like

–  Pro corrections

–  Body/face liquefy

–  Following the client’s style

–  High-end background enhancement

–  Photo masking

–  High-end skin retouching

–  Backdrop changing

–  Sheets/blankets smoothening

–  Unwanted objects removal

–  Background/clothes smoothening

–  Skin smoothening

–  Basic photo manipulation.

How to order for your newborn baby photo editing services

1.  Register on our site, after registering; upload the photos you want to edit. If the images exceed the exact size stated on the website, find other possibilities on how to send pictures to the site on the page.

2.  Select the desired level of newborn editing and also specify additional needs as newborn skin editing if need be.

3.  Pay for the service

4.  After you must have paid for the service, within two days, you will receive a notification of completed job of your newborn baby editing.


Benefits of using our services

–  The new born image will look stunning

–  We give you a top-notch service

–  Our professional photo editors use the latest tools to provide you with the best quality photos

–  Our prices are relatively affordable

Our newborn baby photo editing services help your baby’s photos stunning and amazing. You can reach out to us with specific instructions or recommendations, editing styles, and other details. Our well-trained photo editors get rid of defects in photos via frequency decomposition. 

They remove the unwanted elements from the image, replace the background, and take care of eyelashes, eyebrows, etc.

Photo editing for newborn involves smoothening the clothing, background, skin, adjusting lighting effects, and toning. We also help in removing flaw by using the healing brush in Photoshop.

We make use of advanced software for editing photos. This brings high-quality output in the pictures. Our experts update themselves with the latest versions of Photoshop and Lightroom for image editing and retouching. It helps them to edit the photos quickly and more professionally.

The files and particulars of our clients are kept confidential. If you are looking for expert support from a professional photo editing company to get the photos of your newborn edited, Clipping Xpert India has got the best solution for you.


Question and Answer Session

What are the advantages of photo editing?

One of the essential advantages of photo editing is that the dull, raw, and dark photos look refreshed. With the help of image enhancement techniques, your images are bound to attract and retain the memories in peoples mind. The photos get a new touch with more contrast, brightness, colors, and other active measures. Send us a message for a free trial.