Neck Joint service is a software or tool to help transform a photo and in return, achieve an excellent result. This service is mostly used by advertisers to cut the cost of using a live model and also saves time. Neck joint service is considered to be one of the most effective ways you can that hide a mannequin from the dress images. We can also call a ghost mannequin or an invisible doll mannequin.

These names are called depending on the country. As an online dress seller or retailer, you need to have amazing photos of perfect dresses on your page or site and social media to get customers that are willing to buy.

Categories of ghost mannequin effect in Photoshop:
  • Neck joint on ghost mannequin
  • Sleeves joint on ghost mannequin
  • 3D/360 packs ho ghost mannequin effects
  • Bottom bone on ghost mannequin

Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin

Here is the process whereby we will remove the mannequin from a dress creating a blank space at the area of the neck section. We join back the neck and the front photo parts to give the dummy a full shape with a ghost mannequin effects. This service is very good for a jacket, shirts, trousers, lingerie, gown and so much more.

Sleeves Joint on Ghost Mannequin

This type of joint photo retouching service is carried out on sleeves like; Shirts, long sleeves, shirts, jackets, blazers, and so much more. With this, we can remove a mannequin from the rim and create a ghost mannequin effect. This service also assists the item build a magnificence look.

3D/360° packs ho ghost mannequin effects

We often use 3D/360° photo effect for an e-commerce website. This service helps create an animated short video. Our team of experts will make endure shots are captured from different angles and put together before some parts like; the bottom, top, sleeves and neck gets missing. The bottom joint service helps remove the mannequin and bring together the various parts of empty areas and fill them up.

Bottom Joint on Ghost Mannequin

With our team of experts in Photoshop, we will be able to use unusual techniques to join the bottom part of any dress that was separated before. Like the tuxedo with a longer back than the front’ with our ghost mannequin service, it will be matched with the suit to complete it.

Why You Should Choose Neck Joint Service:

When photographers take photos of a garment worn on a mannequin, at this time, we take the picture and make the inner part of the clothing unseen. But if the inner part of the product is to reflect, then we will use our method to remove the doll or mannequin from the photo and take another new image of the products inner part.

So to improve on the quality of your neck joint photo for your e-commerce site, we will have to do the neck editing service. The neck joint service is also called the spirit of model service. We also use this service in retouching clothing items like blouses, shirts, pants, lingerie, dresses, and so many more.

In a photo, there are about two or three phases presented in a single photo, rearview, in front view and the partial view or subjective view. Our service will enhance your gallery quality, and when you post on your website, it will bring traffic and also money for your business.

With our service and techniques, we offer you can rapidly increase your sales. These techniques also make your clothing appealing to the audience. Our service will give your customers a preview of how the product will be on them.

Who needs Ghost mannequin service:

As long as you are a fashion designer or dress seller, you must have a joint neck service, and it will make your product appealing and attractive. In this modern world of today, people want to see a ghost mannequin. So if you’re going to attract huge sales, then you should get a perfect neck joint service from clipping Xpert India.

For E-commerce photographers, it is common to have a joint neck service. We are here to give you the best neck joint function to use them on your website. If you are looking for the best place to get your neck joint service, then choose clipping Xpert India your demands will be met.

Our Neck Joint Service in Clipping Xpert India

We are offering the best high-quality neck joint service to our clients. The clipping Xpert India also make sure they satisfy and follow the direction you want. Clipping Xpert India is one of the best photo editing companies that provide good quality photos at an affordable price.

Products For Neck Joint Services:

Party dress, party costume Sweater, women skirt, workwear, prom dress, trousers, children cloth, sport shoe, lingerie, lady belt, jean  t-shirts, lady t-shirts, shirts, pants, trousers, boots, cap, cargo pants, jackets, girl jacket, down jacket, coats, jerseys, polo shirt, necktie,

How Neck Joint Is Done

The neck joint is carried out with two photos, one of the images is without the mannequin, and the other picture is a mannequin with clothing. Both photos are put together with our services, and it creates an illusion of a ghost mannequin. We will adjust the colour and brightness of a picture to be more appealing; with colour correction editing service and this is part of the service we offer.

How Clipping Xpert India Neck Joint Implement her Neck Joint services:

Step 1

We will use our photo background removal techniques to remove the mannequin photographs which contain different angles of photos worn by models. With this result, we will be able to abstract the picture from the background.

Step 2

Our skilled experts will use their amazing techniques to remove the ghost from photos, eliminating mannequin, all background and using the image masking to filter the edges. This effect will make the picture look fresh and elegant.

Step 3

After taking different shots of images without mannequin photo, we use our tool to remove the neck and add the neck edge to the picture. It is not easy as it seems, so we take our time to edit and fix any error where it is needed.

Step 4

In this step, we try to create a beautiful neck joint. Before our experts do this, they must have studied the neck joint of the mannequin and make a right neckline which a shadow will be added to the collar. This collar helps to keep the neckline in a triangle shape between the shoulders of the mannequin.

Step 5

After we must have done all of this, we will review the neck joint job carefully and make some finishing touches to help evaluate the quality of the photo.

Why Clipping Xpert India is best for neck joint service or ghost mannequin service

The clipping Xpert India has been providing high-quality, perfect neck joint service at most convenience price that is affordable. We have well-skilled experts that know how to use Photoshop editors to produce a masterpiece.

Our professionals will make sure the shape of your dress outline and edges are perfect. But if you need a specific size of the dress, we will make sure it is available for your neck joint service. The neck joint service we provide will be natural and not artificial.

As we carefully cut out the back part and place it in the right place, we retouch the joint part at once. At the joining point, we add natural shadows, to make the joint look professional and natural as possible. We cherish giving our client the best at an affordable price.

Below are some reasons why you should trust us:

  1. 24/7 Customer Support

We always here to answer any question you have for us. If you have any issue, you can always contact us, and we can assure you of a quick response.

  1. Bulk Editing

We are capable of handling hundreds of jobs in 24 hours and give you quality result at the same time. We spent time to provide you with the best appealing photos that will be eye-catching to public

  1. High- quality

Our team of experts whose hands are always on deck for the latest tools and software in Clipping Xpert India will always offer you the best high-quality photos.

With the help of neck joint service or ghost mannequin services, you don’t need to worry about how your photo will turn out. Clipping Xpert India will give you the best services, with an affordable quality price. Our experts in clipping Xpert India dedicate their time to create photo finishes that are seamless and very natural.

In clipping Xpert India, we value quality and try our best in giving you natural and eye-catching photos. Our experts manipulate images in such a dramatic way, removing the mannequin and replacing the image with another with our neck joint service.

All the services we offer at clipping Xpert India, are possible because we are working with professionals and we want your work to be great.