It is effortless to retouch a photo with the help of Jewelry retouching services. Clipping Xpert India has the most effective jewellery retouching services that provide amazing beautiful Jewelry images which exhibits the beautiful design of the piece.

The best way to get customers attention is to use images that show them the composition of your precious pieces of jewellery. If your jewellery sparkles and shines in the image, customers will not have any doubt making a purchase.

Our jewellery photo retouching services improve the look of your images and make the subjects the main focus in the photos.

Jewellery photo editing can be tricky. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings can’t stand on their own. The jewellery photos can be dynamic if a model wears the piece or if a photographer props the piece against something. The jewellery images with models are, but at times, clients want to see perfect images with only the jewellery in it.

Clipping Xpert India creates images that make your jewellery stand out. Our expert team uses high-end photo editing tools and techniques to make your piece shine brightly, looks more attractive and lure customers.

Jewellery Retouching Services Categories

High-End Jewelry Retouching

High-end retouching is one of the latest photo retouching technology that offers more exceptional and precise retouching more than any other Photoshop Technique. You may have an idea after a shoot or might realise that your shooting angle doesn’t flatter the piece you just photographed. You can help us to help you deal with any complicated situation.

Background Cleaning and removal

If images are well-edited, it may lure customers, and a poor photo can also hamper business. Clipping Xpert India provides perfect jewellery photo enhancement service for all uses.  Jewellery photo enhancement service brings out the sparkle effect of the piece in your photos.

Jewellery Photo Enhancement

With our color correction service, you can add some color to a black and white photo, which will enhance the photo appearance. Color has a unique way to get the attention of the public eye. We can help you spice up a vintage black, and white photo with color correction techniques gives the picture a stunning reflecting look.

Jewellery Color Correction and Editing

Clipping Xpert India’s jewellery colour correction and editing service is a crucial photo editing service use in enhancing, changing, and modifying the colour of the photo. We applied this editing technique to various types of jewellery photos.

Jewellery Shadow Creation

Raw jewellery images look unusual and unattractive. We can enhance the quality of these images by adding shadow and create 3D effects. The essence of this is to makes your jewellery images look appealing and natural. 

Dust and Poor Reflection Removal

Aside from flaws in the face of the pieces and setting, dust and poor reflection can as well reduce the commercial purpose of your images. Count on us to get rid of these and polish your images to attract customers.

Our Jewelry Retouching Services include

Clipping Xpert India has an expert team that can make jewellery photos look realistic and appealing. We pay attention to details and aim for realistic results. We ensure to highlight the best feature of every single piece of jewellery.

Jewellery Background Removal

Generally, online jewellery stores desire to display beautiful and attractive items. To produce the effect, our team removes the background. We wear necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets on something either a model or a mannequin. However, we remove the undesired objects so that the product can stand upright on its own without support.

Dust and Scratch Cleaning

Most new products always attract dust and have scratches on their surface. We fix product images that have dust and scratches.

Recoloring of Gold and Silver

Most e-commerce sites and online jewellery stores provide bespoke designs and sizes of their items, and our job is to make the product attractive and beautiful so that it can attract customers.

Diamond Polishing

Diamonds shine uniquely, and when put under the sunlight, they have different colours effects. Some diamonds can shine blue or any colour when under UV light. We edit diamonds and other precious stones.

Creative Jewelry Edits

We also provide high-end retouching for jewellery stores and magazines. We work with you to produce the best mood for the layout of your products.

Repainting Shine on Metal

The metal area of jewellery attracts lots of undesired reflections like the background and colour of the object, and the photographer’s reflection. The metal doesn’t look shiny but acts as a mirror for the background space. We remove that by manually repainting the shine in the metal and retaining its natural texture and luminosity while removing unwanted elements.

Usually, artificial light can reduce the glimmer of polished gold, aluminium, and silver. Excessive bright light can also overexpose the image and hide the best parts of the jewellery. We can fix these flaws to avoid your clients and customers from been distracted from the beauty of the jewellery.

Our jewellery retouching services aim is to bring out the best in your jewellery images. It doesn’t matter if they are for internet marketing, e-commerce websites, or print. We can retouch any photo and make it eye-catchy so that when customers see it, they won’t resist.

Why do you need jewellery Retouching Services?

If you want your jewellery images to stand out and attract customers, there is a need for jewellery retouching services to do this work for you. As a business, making a profit is your end goal, which calls for opting for the best images for your brand. A poorly edited photo looks unattractive, and it is terrible for your business.

A raw image also looks dull and unusual and cannot lure customers to your site. Jewellery photo retouching services come in to get rid of all unwanted elements in your photos and to also make the photo attractive. Professional jewellery retouching services is a must for enhancing the outstanding overall quality of your photo.

Our Jewelry Retouching Pricing

Clipping Xpert India offers services at cost-effective prices. We provide reasonable and wallet-friendly and quality jewellery photo retouching services. We have two levels of Jewelry photo retouching, i.e. Pro and High End.

Pro Level

The pro-level is $5 or less per photo and the services applied here include;

  • Natural shadow adding
  • Basic clipping path
  • Poor contrast adjustment
  • Background removal
  • Gaps repairing
  • Light and colour correction
  • Photo resizing
  • Fixing contrast and sharpness
  • Removal of scratches, dust, dents, e.t.c

High-End Level

The high-end level is $10 per photo, and the services applied here are;

  • Advanced clipping path
  • Blemishes removal
  • Metal polishing
  • Reflection correction
  • Drop shadow and mirror effect
  • Ring mounts redraw
  • Removal of unwanted elements
  • Photo details improvement
  • Highlights and shades improvement
  • Gems editing
  • Removal of dust and a poor reflection
  • Add shining to the gemstones
  • Diamond and metal colour improvement
  • Following the client’s style
  • Colour correction

How do we execute our task?

Our professional photo retouchers get rid of glare apparent on gemstone’s face that resulted from because of light exposure. They also clear up poor reflection and get rid of blackish reflections using the necessary tools.

Our skilled Jewelry photo retouchers work and provide beautiful photos of gems and other precious stones. They maintain consistent sharpness and colour, remove undesired blemishes, and scratches captured by the photographer’s camera.  

Our professional photo retouchers also make sure to display the real depth of luxury jewellery wit its natural colour and clarity.

We ensure you get the best service, all our jewellery photos comes out perfect, and perfection means concentration(lure customers) and concentration means better output (buy your product).

By now, you must have understood all our jewellery retouching services and how it also works. We are committed to providing you with top-notch services for optimum satisfaction of your clients or customers.

We offer trustworthy and affordable services with a touch of quality to it. We deliver your complete project in a short period. We’ll keep you updated, and in case of any questions, we are always ready round the clock to answer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send my project?

You can send your project to us through our FTP, We-transfer or Hightail file transferring system.

How long does it take to complete a project?

The time of completion of your work solely depends on the volume and complexity of your photos. If it is a minor project, it can take at least 8 to 24 hours, but if it is a bulk project with numerous complex images, it takes much time. Don’t worry, even if you need rush service, we assure you of quality images delivery without keeping you waiting too long.

Is your service cost-effective?

Yes, our services are cost-effective.

What file format can you work with for jewellery retouching services?

Our expert photo retouchers can work on any type of jewellery photo format like TIF, PSD, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, RAW, ZIP, PNG, RAR, ZIP, and many more.