When you hear about Ghost Mannequin, what comes to your mind is a piece of different physical clothing. That is dressed on a mannequin to attract the public eye. This piece of clothing could be a fashion that is trending or a hot seller. This article on Ghost Mannequin Service will help you to understand the ways Mannequin works. How it enhances your items and helps your item maintain great shape. Mannequins give a piece of clothing, a statue, grabbing the attention of your prospective clients or customers. That will be interesting in purchasing the item on the Mannequin.

In eCommerce, the Mannequin has a way of captivating the mind of customers. But be sure you don’t make the Mannequin very attractive that it takes away the audience attention from the clothes the Mannequin is wearing. It might not be so good for your business.

By using special photo editing methods, you can create a mannequin wearing a piece of beautiful clothing. Even without showing the Mannequin itself. The illusion a ghost mannequin creates is a displayed photo of an invisible person wearing a piece of clothing. The impression this creates is amazing because you don’t see any physical body. Rather a piece of clothing with a body underneath.

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On the internet, mannequins are gaining popularity as merchandise uses them to make clothes appealing to the eyes. The ghost mannequin is cheaper than hiring models to wear the items of clothing. If you are starting a new business, I will recommend you to go with the ghost mannequin. It will help you save some money.

Getting a Professional Ghost Mannequin Service

In making a ghost mannequin photo, there are a lot of strategies and techniques required to get it done. So while trying to make a proper ghost mannequin photo editing. You will have to preserve a bit of area on the cloth. This will help you eliminate the Mannequin wearing the piece of clothing.

A few notable image editing companies like the clipping path space Offers the ghost mannequin services. Before anyone thinks about creating the best ghost mannequin looks. There are a lot of different specific photo editing skills that a person should have. 

Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing

Images are amazing; the way they bring your products to life is stunning. This way, they help you generate more sales. The ghost mannequin is a one-time investment. It doesn’t matter if you want a full mannequin or just the joint or neck. When you are editing the ghost mannequin, it gives your product depth. 

Furthermore, Ghost mannequin photo editing for exclusive natural looks will be appealing to your customers. Because it allows them to envision themselves wearing those clothes and accessories

How To Add A Ghost Mannequin To Your Image

To add a ghost or invisible Mannequin to your photo, you will need a picture of a piece of clothing without a mannequin. You will also need another one with a mannequin. With a clipping path, you can put the two images together at the neck. Note that not all mannequins can be manipulated by the neck joint.

For instance, watches, pants, and hats, when edited, add a natural texture and volume to a mannequin look. Like the way, a piece of clothing and accessories gives an invisible mannequin more natural and lifelike looks. It will make your products very appealing to your customers. That way, they know how it will look in real life when they put it on.

Posing a Mannequin or a Model

Promoting a product on a dummy or a model is not always attractive. Tie a model hair up and use the static pose of a real model it helps to get an excellent view for your Mannequin in the right perspective. So, any garment that is worn by the model should fit your Mannequin perfectly.

High-Quality Photography

By using a high-quality reproduction technique, you will be able to execute a ghost mannequin. If you try to lower the quality of your product, then the mannequin image effect will be less too. When you start taking photos of your product, make sure your camera in front of the area you have decided to be photographing. It should be in a white background.

Below are the steps to ghost mannequin photo editing

Step 1

When you are done taking the photos, then the next thing you need to do is importing all the photographs to your computer. After opening Photoshop, follow the steps below:

· Open the Photoshop mannequin and also the Photoshop image

· Take the mannequin image and create a layered background

· Fill the sheets with white color, this also acts as the background for the product

· Label the layers to avoid any confusion

· Select your mannequin dress using a Photoshop tool

Now you have both the Mannequin and the product. The next thing is for you to cut the dummy and background without giving any disturbances to the product. To be able to gain a finished look, you will have to select the menu button. Then use a refine edge tool to help improve the edges.


After refining your mannequin image and repeating the first steps, then you will notice that one of the photos is dressed on your Mannequin. The other one is flat down without a mannequin. In this way, you will be able to understand the back of your product.

When the Mannequin has been removed, then your ghost illusion will appear so correctly. Now you can put the images together. The two photos must be clean and have a tight mask.

When dragging a hood over a mannequin image, you have to arrange your top-bottom layers and put it behind your Mannequin.

After doing all the above, try removing the unwanted parts of the top layers and hide the other sheet.

That is how you can add a ghost mannequin to your image.

When To Use The Ghost Mannequin

The ghost mannequin comes with many benefits. But get to know when you can use it in improving your business. When you upgrade your photo image, you will harvest the benefits of an increase in sales.

Below are the times you should use Mannequin:

· When you want to save time and money. So there is no need to waste your time trying to pick the right models for each product.

· When you wish to brig brand message for your product as Mannequin help build loyalty with your customers

· When you want to present stunning apparel with the clearest of images for your customers

· When you want to display products in your stores, with a ghost photography

· When you wish to gain a superior level of durability and strength while you still maintain a low weight.

When Not To Use The Ghost Mannequin

You must not use this ghost mannequin service during these scenarios:

· When you don’t want to use your extra time in post-production image work compounding

· When you don’t want to get confused in the full range of Mannequin

· When you want to show your products in a user context with real people

· If your website shows that live models make a better converts 

· When you don’t have a style actually to fit your Mannequin

The Invisible Mannequin Effect

With the help of an image editing software like Photoshop, you can achieve this invisible effect faster than a traditional way. Like I said before this is a one-time investment and the Mannequin helps provide a higher profit sales margin.

Below are the benefits of the Mannequin:

· The fiberglass that it uses has a high amount of durability

· It can also be used for a physical paper catalog

· The product images it creates are extraordinary and can be shared on social media for customers to see

· The mannequin offers are very adjustable, and level of customization results is more significant and easy to use.

The Neck Joint Service

The Neck part photos are an additive consistency you should maintain in designing the Neck Joint Service. This consistency in the design is shape, size, and color, which are known as photo or image manipulation. The big chain stores, e-commerce sites, and manufacturers also use these techniques for sales. The average dimensions are shown according to the final display image.

The neck joint services deliver a very high-quality photo of the product. This works so well on a translucent background. The images used for e-commerce sales advertisings are printed to add the back part and the front part of the neck.

Below are the Neck Joint Services types;

· Jewelry Presentation

· Scarf Showing

· Hoodie Jackets and sleeves

Tips to Help You Improve Neck Joint Service

· Using Texture

· Shadows

· Color Blending

· Picking up stock images

· Rendering of the images

Sleeves Joint Service

The Sleeves joint service helps remove the Mannequin from the part that is hollow and gives it the best ghost effect. This type of techniques can be used on long-sleeved jackets and shirts. This gives them 3D and a futile effect. After you have removed the Mannequin and filling the space, you can join the sleeves. 

After this, the product will appear to be so natural to the customers, giving it more amount of satisfaction. 

How Do You Do This

As you follow these steps below:

· Try using a transparent mannequin. 

· Try combining the front and inner part of the product. 

· Try putting the clipping path to the inner and frontal parts by quickly joining them. This will cause the background to disappear

· The inner becomes foggy and making the customers not to see the inner part of the product

· When you apply contrast, color correction, retouching, sharpening

· The products will appear more attractive, thus contributing to a high-profit margin.