The E-commerce product photo editing services include different types of product retouching services. Pictures depict more than a thousand words. That’s the main reason eCommerce sites worldwide uses product images instead of Logos.

You cannot ignore using images even if you sell just a single product or have various outcomes. For your customers to buy into your Products online, you will need much more than only the regular product photos. Photo editing is a crucial part and parcel of all eCommerce sites. 

Most online stores have a large number of photos which takes time to edit. You need to go through lots of processes before getting the perfect image for your product. 

E-commerce sites are being developed each day and the competition is high. That’s why it is essential to get the best product image to attract customers to your site. And the best way to wow your customers is to make them rush your products by providing them with eye-catching pictures of your products. 

E-commerce sites are being developed each day, and the competition is high. That’s why it is essential to get the best product image to attract customers to your site. And the best way to wow your customers is to make them rush your products by providing them with eye-catching pictures of your products. 

The main focus of e-commerce businesses is the images. The photos should be high standard and elegant. The images should have the power to manipulate and impress potential buyers. That’s where we come in. 

Clipping Xpert India provides all the necessary solutions for all photos and other edits of your e-commerce site. Our eCommerce product photo editing service is positioned to help your online business get to the next level. 

It doesn’t matter how much information your product has. Because all that the customers are looking for is the image. Since customers cannot see the products face to face, they will need to see a picture of all the products. More reason your product images should look stunning. 

Our eCommerce product image editing services is the best eCommerce services in the market today. We have a well-trained team for photo editing services. The designers are professionals and are well skilled. They are dedicated to their work and also have the ability to edit any images. 

Your customer demand is our concern, and that’s why we make sure to deliver the best work. We make the images more attractive by changing the typical look of the product. Images with blemish color, plain background, bad lighting, etc. that can ruin the model of your product. To get rid of these flaws, your product will need a proper image stitch. Which only can do an expert eCommerce product photo editing service likes us can provide. 

Our eCommerce product photo editing services include

Product Image Retouching & Enhancement

The only way your e-commerce product can remain attractive to customers is for them to be edited appropriately by professionals. It is so because a poorly edited product photo speaks a volume of your company.

 Clipping Xpert India provides all types of retouch and enhancement services for e-commerce images. Our professional editor uses various advanced tools, color, shape, and texture to make your product images more appealing. 

 Product Photo Background switching

Often time, a products photo background speaks a volume on the beauty of that product image. A right image may still lose its expected result if the background is poor. But you can trust us to help you get rid of such background and add a perfect one to make the image look good. 

Ghost Mannequin Effect

We also provide you with top of the world Ghost mannequin effect for all your e-commerce and garment item photos. With this effect, you don’t need the actual human figure to display your items. 

Photoshop Shadow Effects

Generally, every product has a shadow effect due to light reflection. We can re-create and edit this shadow in Photoshop by creating a perfect outcome. 

Colour Correction 

Colour correction is administered to different images on eCommerce products images. The color temperature should be improved; this makes the image more bright and lively. The product images should be eye-catchy so that they can lure buyers. Multi clipping path is used to upgrade and adjust color, enhance, and modify the images. 

360° Packshot Retouching

If you are the classic type, I’m so sure you will desire your e-commerce product to be displayed in a series of short animation video on your site. We give pack shot retouch for photos shot at different angles. 

Product Image Cleaning

We employed a series of the best available techniques and tools of Adobe Photoshop to clean images and give them a whole new look. We also maximize the usage of Photoshop brush tool, clone stamp tool, and other tools for removing scratches, dust, scars, and spots, from e-commerce images. 

Image Cropping and Resizing

Do you have lots of images you want to crop and resize? Our service will do that for you. Just give us all your exhausting work, and we will get it done quickly. Potential buyers like to have a good view of your product before they buy. Getting rid of unwanted borders and putting the image in the right place plays an important role. After we must have resized your product image, it will have a stunning look. 

Watermark Adding

You probably want your product to be unique and don’t want unauthorized use of your images. The best thing to do is to add a watermark (logo). We have expert editors that can do this with ease. 

Noise Reduction

If your product images look unclear and blur, our professional retouchers will remove the extra light and color noise. The noise reduction will make your product image attractive so that customers can’t take their eyes off it and will buy it immediately. 

Tags Removal

To take away the undesired elements on a product image is what our photo editors are best at. For products like accessories and jewellery, our photo editors pay close attention to these products. They remove blemishes and smooth fabric wrinkles, but also retain the natural texture of the accessories. This will make it more eye-catchy. 

Image Masking

Masking will make your images natural and livelier. We make use of layer masking translucency and alpha channel masking techniques. With this effect, your product image will look more attractive. 

Our range of High-quality E-commerce product photo editing services include

– Baby Products

– Jewellery 

– Home accessories

– Kitchen utensils

– Toys

– Luxury watches

– Cosmetic products 

– Furniture

– Digital cameras

– Electronic appliances

– Medical equipment

– Automobiles and accessories 

– Apparel for women, kids, and men

– And many more

If you have any of these products images listed above, we are ever ready to edit them. Our professional photo retouchers will edit them and give them a brand new look. 

Reasons for editing your product images

– A well-edited and in-depth product photo can build a successful brand photo and help you gain a competitive advantage in the eCommerce market. 

– A well-edited product image bring audiences to your site

– When you edit your image, you give the photo a new look which potential buyers cannot resist but buy the product. 

What are the benefits and purposes of our company?

The photography industry today is a well-developed one, and it is still developing. Most photographers are fond of their job, and they put efforts to create a masterpiece. The hours of shooting in various states can make them tired and will not have time to edit their captured photos. Some will agree to edit, but it will make them lots of time to complete their work which is not suitable for any eCommerce product image. The incomplete image editing by the photographers will look bad, and your customers will not be satisfied. 

The primary purpose of our company, Clipping Xpert India, is to put an end to all poorly captured photos through editing. We are well experienced and has edited thousands of photos and still do that till date. 

We work with different photographers, both professionals, and amateurs from different parts of the world. Our photo retouchers can bring your images to life. 



Because we cherished relationship than money, we offer our services at the best affordable price that our customers can afford. And this is applicable to every one of our eCommerce product photo editing packages. Our users are well satisfied with our services, work, and offers. Our customers describe our services to be fair priced, quick, and convenient. 



Our eCommerce product photo editing services will give you more than what you even expected. We have a team of professional designers and retouchers that will make your product images attractive. Like I earlier mentioned, we have worked with lots of photographers all over the world and has also provided services for some eCommerce sites. 

No matter how you want your product image to look like, our photo editors will give you precisely what you ask for. If you are looking for perfect online editing services, we are here for you. 

Is our service available to all e-commerce businesses?

Yes, no matter what your product is or where you are located upon the planet, we are here for you.

Can you trust us with your product photos?

Absolutely, all your product images are kept confidential.

Do you keep the backup of all provided images?

Yes, we do keep the backup for at least 3months after each project is completed. 

Why do eCommerce businesses need image editing services?

Ecommerce sites or online stores need to edit their product images because customers will be attracted to beautiful images than an unattractive regular image. The customers cannot touch or feel the products directly and the only way for them to judge it is for eCommerce sites to produce eye-catchy images which they can’t resist. And by editing the product images, you gain audiences and make sales.