Color correction is the process of changing the color in photos or photo exposure. In color correction service, colors of items like accessories and clothes are alternated to look amazing. This procedure can be done on different types of photos such as; e-commerce products, fashion photos, model photos, natural photos, and so much more.


Color correction service is the using of different color correction techniques to change colors in photos. For instance, if you are a business person and want to show your customers the same clothes in different colors, then you can easily do this with a color correction service.

There are different colors, and the hot or the cool colors both are perfect depending on how you want to use it. Basic colors are the hot colors, and the Cool colors are a combination of all basic colors.

So if you want to make a perfect combination of your product photo, Clipping Xpert India is your best choice.

With some powerful color correction tool, we can actually balance your photo color. We make use of premium tools to keep to our standard of high-quality service delivery.

Fashion Model Photo Color Correction

For you to be able to produce a masterpiece, you have to combine colors perfectly. At Clipping Xpert India, color are tweak on photos to get a matching color with original skin color, background, apparel, and ambiance. Images lose appeal due to the inappropriate misuse of color; this can be adjusted by matching color through the color correction process.

Photo Exposure and Color Correction

When taking photographs, it is okay to pick some amount of color, light, and other atmospheric factors. It doesn’t matter if your photo has overexposure or underexposure, but with our color correction service, it can be corrected and turn to be more appealing

Black And White Colorization

With our color correction service, you can add some color to a black and white photo, which will enhance the photo appearance. Color has a unique way to get the attention of the public eye. We can help you spice up a vintage black, and white photo with color correction techniques gives the picture a stunning reflecting look.

Fashion Product Color Editing

As different customers have their color preferences of the same photo, color editing is the best move to use. With our team of experienced experts in color correction, your photo will of no doubt undergo a complete transformation.

Portrait Photo Color Correction

Professional photographers face different issues when retouching body. 

From the enhancement of color correction of clothes to the adjustment of light brightness, Clipping Xpert India does this well for our clients. Our top-notch photo color correction services are all you need to solve all problems of your model body. When our photo color correction professional is working on your portrait photography, we put a lot of colors grading into considering to ensure you have nothing but the best. 

Wedding Photo

Your wedding photo is a special event, with clipping Xpert India color correction service, your wedding photographs will turn out great.

Commercial Images

When it comes to this type of photography, it demands a lot of attention and photo color correction details. Clipping Xpert India provides the following service for any color correction difficulties:

· Straightening and cropping

· Colors and exposure

· Photo details

Jewelry photo color correction

This jewelry color correction is not as easy as it seems, but with the help of powerful software on Photoshop, you can conquer the jewelry color correction. When the jewelry photo has undergone this color correction process, it gives the image quality and makes the item on the picture more alluring.

 The help of the color correction makes the stones on the jewelry look brighter, eliminating scratches or spots. With clipping Xpert India color correction services, the jewelry becomes very attractive due to the brightness and deep colors.

Our jewelry retouching services below cover the following:

· The white background of jewelry

· Jewelry cutout or path

· Jewelry creation of natural shadows and reflection

· Diamond and gold brightness

· Tone and contrast adjustment

· Perfect color correction or adjustment

· Eliminating of zits, dust, spots, scratches, and blemishes

· Watermark removal

· Logo imprint on gold or diamond product

Product Color Correction

The product color correction service is the process for improving and correcting photos. The intention of this is to make the photo eye-catching to grab the attention of your customers. To get this perfection, you will have to consider the shape, color, and texture. When an image or photo is attractive, the products will make more sales, and at the end, you will see the result.

It is done for advertising photography, food photography, fashion photo, and everything that deals with the merchandise. Online things are being purchased every day, from meals, clothing, gadget, and so much more.

Generally, when color correction is done, the photographs undergo lighting. It also suffers Photographic environment camera settings and perspective. This transformation can bring about some changes in the natural product color.

You can also make adjustment of white balance, color strength, gray balance, and color vibrant if any need arises. So if you want to make a color correction on a photo, you will have to make the product very attractive. Doing so will help it suit your customers demand. Also, colors can be changed if you want to change it to natural color.

For instance, Different lightening, contrast, warm-up, brightness, sharpening, etc. are used in different environment types. Though this is dependent on your product, with an excellent Photoshop color correction, damages photos like underexposed or overexposed can be brought back to its original or healthy state.

Question and Answer

Why do you need color correction service?

With this service, you will be able to create an attractive picture that will be used online for your business. For the photo to be beautiful, you will have to apply a color combination effect that will make your product enticing.

 As we all know, when a product is colorful, it draws the attention of buyers. The most sites that use this service are E-commerce websites or pages. On an E-commerce site, you may need to show the different colors of a particular product for buyers to choose from.

 This service is one of the best services for making eye-catching photos to attract clients or customers. Clipping Xpert India is here 24 hours to make your work successful, With professional editors that will blow your mind.

 Below is the color correction service that is used in fixing all issues on photos and where color corrections are applied in:

  • Shadow and tint adjustment
  • Saturation work
  • Clarity and sharpness balancing 
  • Exposure and contrast correction
  • Highlights
  • Making temperature and vibrancy setting higher
What can be referred to as a color correction?

When you are able to fix a color that is undesirable into a stunning, eye-catching look.

Why is color correction significant?

This helps the viewers a significant impact on turning their attention to a story that they can focus on.

Is color correction expensive?

Color correction is time-consuming and very demanding. It can take a while or a week to get it accomplished. Due to this, a color correction service can be a little bit expensive, but not unaffordable. At Clipping Xpert India, we offer this service at a competitive price you may not get somewhere else, except with the quark who promises low price but eventually delivered to you poor services that are nowhere justifiable with the money you paid.

How does color correction work?

When a color is not in uniform with one another on the color wheel, it cancels each other. Whereby green cancels out a red pimple, purple concealer close up a yellow spot. While the orange is known to eliminate the dark blue circle.

Do we really need color correction?

If you need color correcting, then do it. It works like magic, hiding hyperpigmentation, dullness, mild dark circles, acne and so much more. Color correction also helps tone your skin, conceals it while causing an fantastic transformation on your photo.

What can be used to eliminate red in color correction?

Green is a beautiful color that cancels out red and broken blood vessels. Even if you have a red circle around your eyes, you rest assured of taking it out properly.

Does color ash remove a red tone?

Ash color can only remove gold, and the only way ash can remove a red ton is on your hair.

What does color correction do?

It is the improvement of photo appearance using a different form of presentation in a different environment.


Photo color correction is significant for marketing your product online. It is necessary to use color correction to keep the natural color of your product. When it comes to digital media agencies, e-commerce websites, online advertisement, fashion model, and so much more, you must use color correction.

Your color correction must not be done in an excessive way. This is to avoid customers getting disappointed after delivery of another color of product they did not purchase. We make sure we heed to precautions, especially in E-commerce websites photo color correction. And we use original color correction products because, with our experience over the years, we entirely understand that the Photoshop color correction is compassionate.